3475 Valley Plaza Pkwy, Ft Mitchell, KY 41017
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I stopped in on a Tuesday (4/2/2019) to get my tires rotated and balance checked at 8 am and was told it would be at least 2+ hours to get the service. Was asked if I would like to make an appointment for 10 am so I would automatically be the front of the line on Wednesday (4/3/2019),Sounded good.

Now its 9:45 am and they are giving the customer his car at the door when I walk in and there is an open bay. Thinking is is good, but how wrong could I be! Just as I was going to sit down a young man (about 22) walks in a inquires about buying tires. Jason who helped me sells the young man a set of tires.

Now mind you this is a walk in customer. Apparently Jason said I can get you right in to sell the tires! After they take his car to the rack that should have been mine, Jason comes over a says " it will be a little will more we only have 1 rack in the whole store that will lift a 5400 lb Explorer. He blatantly lied to me!

The rack he said wouldn't lift my Explorer is the same rack they used the last time I had this done. If this store has only 1 rack capable of this job TD has serious difficulties! We are not talking a 3500 series truck or a F250-350 Truck.. I will never go to this store again and never recommend it!

I don't know who Jason thought he was BSing, but I'm a retired Mill-Wright and have been around this longer than he has lived! Liars like this do a great disservice to your Company! I feel its all about the new customer and the returning customers can go to back of the bus!

If I went to US 42 Florence store and got right in and out with expectancy! Thank you, Florence Store to know the still is some integrity at TD!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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