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Wow! I had no idea this company had such a low score... I found a comment by Chip Wood...the founder of tire dickscounters.... It says and I quote...To David B. Moore on 8-27-2015...Sue us...we will tie you up in court and you will spend thousands. I consider myself...
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Tire Discounters Verified Representative

I just double checked and the customer you referenced, Mr. Moore, was refunded his money back on 6/1/15 to his AMEX to cover the gift card he didn't receive. Since you posted ...

I left my van at tire discounters in Hilliard, Ohio. Knew tires and alignment. They said they would complete and call me by end of business and I could pay and pick up car after hours. No dice. They called me at 5:37 PM (they close at 4:00) and said they were...
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Tire Discounters

Hi. We work hard to satisfy our customers and we are very sorry that you had a negative experience due to an inaccurate estimate of work time. Please email us at support@tired...