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Had a gas leak, took my car to Tire Discounters because they said that they could look at it right away. Was told it would be $105.00 just to look at it, but that amount would be refunded if they did the work to fix it.

Left the car and a couple of hours later

got a phone call saying my car had a rust hole in the gas tank. $786.00 to replace the gas tank (labor and parts). My boyfriend talked him down to $653.00- "cheapest we could do it". I decided to wait, because it sounded a little high.

Well okay, pay the $105.00 and you can take the car home. I complained about the fact that it probably took the mechanic less than 10 minutes to figure this out, so the manager said, yeah it only took him a minute to see the big rust hole in the gas tank, so he didn't end up charging me... he said give us a good review. Which I did.(MISTAKE!!!!!) So the next day my boyfriend jacked the car up, took off the tire, and took a look and saw that the gas was leaking from a rusted fuel line, (a pin hole leak) and there NO RUST HOLE in the gas tank!!!!!!

He fixed the leak for $7.99. If I was a person who didn't have access to a jack or an elderly person - I would have BELIEVED them and spent almost $800.00 for something that did not even need to be fixed.

Please be careful, this place is very dishonest!!!! I will NEVER do business with this company again, and do to the fact that I told my co-workers, they too are staying away from a company that RIPS people off!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: I want other customers to be aware of this.

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