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On Friday June 8, 2018 the sidewall of my rear passenger tire had a cut on my 2008 Toyota Sienna.

A friend and I removed the tire having trouble getting one lug nut off.

We placed a spare tire on to replace the one we removed.

I drove to Tire Discounters in Mt. Washington, KY.

It was well after 5:00 pm and they had me leave the tire to replace it.

I went the next day [Saturday, June 9th] to get the tire and have it mounted.

I was only able to put 4 of the 5 lug nuts back on the tire so as I dropped off the van I put the lug nut on the end of the bad bolt and turned the nut a couple of times to show it was bad.

I went to pick up my van that Saturday, payed my bill and was handed my nut from the bad bolt, so I assumed they had fixed it.

The next day, [Sunday June 10th] my wife drove the van to church, upon leaving the parking lot you could hear a loud screeching sound. I saw my wife out of the van and tire scrape marks were on the road. She went back in the van and tried to pull forward, but couldn’t because the tire was locked up.

She was able to back up and the pull forward into a drive and turn around and get it back to the parking lot. While she was moving the van into the parking lot it made a noise like metal was scraping.

I had a friend get his trailer and haul it to his home, where we put the van on a lift to check the damage.

He had pictures taken as he removed the hub cap off the tire.

We found that they had use a 1 1/4 inch chrome nut instead of the ½ nut that I had on the same bad bolt.

We also found the bolt had gotten loose and got into by break hub that I had to get replaced.

I feel that your company should pay for the damages that were caused because of your employee’s lack of safety to my vehicle. I also feel my friend should be compensated for towing my van and for my family member who we had to borrow and automobile from while waiting on repairs.

Your company charges $611.89 plus tax to replace the hub assembly.

My wife was 1 minute away from being on the freeway going 65 miles an hour. Imagine if her tire locked up going at that speed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $812.

Preferred solution: Pay me what you charge and $100 towing and $100 car usage.

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