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The two Tire Discounters that I dealt with Northbend Rd Tire Discounters and 5 mile Rd Beechmont Ave.

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To Whom This Concern: I started out taking my vehicle to Monfort Heights Tire Discounters location for tires, alignment and while they had it up would they check out the brakes, also I had a oil leak so I asked them to check it out. They came back telling me that I needed front brakes and rotors ect.

I have attached everything that they did. I had to take the vehicle back for the oil leak which they ran a dye through it and we were supposed to wait 500 miles something like that, but instead they did a engine degreaser, silcone for valve cover, instead of waiting to see what the dye told them, which I have never heard of doing this in the first place. The problem ended up being the dip stick was cracked. I was told the alignment was free with the tires they ended up charging me and saying oh well we will call it even for replacing the dip stick.

So I paid $ 896.84 for repairs & $ 661.22 for the tires. A week later the steering started out tight then it got really loose. Then coming home I could hardly steer it. I called Jason I believe that is who it was on Saturday morning he said to bring it back.

I told him that I lived on the Eastside of town I only had it repaired there because I work in Monfort Heights, he preceded to tell me that I could have it towed back to them or any Tire Discounters so he contacted 5 mile Beechmont Tire discounters so we had it towed there. Spoke to three different managers. It ended up being power steering pump, plus they told us it had two cracked springs plus the boot was leaking. I have attached copies of the bills of everything they did.

I really do not understand how a certified mechanic from Monfort Heights did not notice cracked springs and cv shaft boot leaking. So after paying Beechmont $1283.56. I had to take it back again it seemed like the steering was getting loose again, they checked it out and said there was no problem. Meanwhile I looked under the hood realizing that they had broken my engine cover.

I told the manager his reply was oh yes I forgot I was going to tell you about that. They have ordered the part. Well Friday March 29th driving home my vehicle starts making all kinds of noise something it not right. I called Friday hoping I could bring it in but they were not going to be able to look at it until April 1st monday afternoon @ 2pm this is not acceptable with the money that I have spent between your 2 stores.

Bottom line I do not trust your company to do anymore work to my vehicle because it seems that they aways find something else wrong in order for themselves to be paid and make money. I have also missed a day of work because of all this. This is ridiculous.

Oh Beechmont did supposedly give me a discount. Jane Day

Product or Service Mentioned: Tire Discounters Customer Care.

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