2022 Lascassas Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37130
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On Saturday, May 18, I went to Tire Discounters on Lascassas Pike in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to have a tire repaired, if possible, or replaced. The Passenger side rear tire had gone flat the previous week and I had put Green Slime in it in an effort to repair it.

I spoke with the general manger, Emmanuel, that day and he said they'd take a look at it to see if it was repairable and give me a call.

Shortly after leaving, Emmanuel called and re-confirmed that it was the Passenger rear tire that he needed to look at.

About an hour or so later, Emmanuel called and told me that they looked at the tire and due to the green slime, it was not repairable and needed to be replaced. He also told me that two of my other tires were bald and needed replacing. I let him know we had just replaced two tires in March that still should be in good shape and he said that these must be the other two that needed replacing. Taking him at his word, I agreed & paid $402 to have three new tires put on my car (One to replace the tire with the green slime issue and two to replace the older two tires on the car).

Within a few days of picking up my car with the new tires, I noticed that my car was still making the sound at higher speeds it had been with the green slime tire.

I asked my husband to swing by Tire Discounters on his day off, Wednesday May 22, and have them recheck it and make sure it was balanced correctly and everything was okay from their work on that previous Saturday.

Upon arrival, they discovered two object in my passenger rear tire. Thinking this was one of the tires I purchased from Discount Tires in March, I took it across town to have them repair it since it should be under warranty with them. When they took that tire off to look at it, we discovered it was filled with green slime...it was the original tire I had asked Tire Discounters to inspect and repair/replace on Saturday....except they had left that tire on, untouched, and replaced another one. Not only that, but Discount Tires confirmed that the two tires they put on my car in March were no longer on the car....meaning, Tire Discounters took my two, barely used tires off my car and replaced them, despite them being brand new and not needing replacement.

When I returned to Tire Discounters to figure out what happened, I was talked to dismissively and like I did not know what I was talking about.

Emmanunel insisted that they changed the tire with the green slime in despite me having photographs of the tire with the slime in it. The other tire store has also held on to the tire for us to pick up for proof. I also have the receipt showing what tires were put on my car in March that are no longer there. They were taken off my car by Tire Discounters on Saturday.

I tried to show Emmanuel and he said he didn't need to see the receipt and that he knows what he did and he didn't do that.

He tried to give me coupons to remedy the situation which I refused (Why would I trust this company with my car after they messed up so badly and are refusing to fix it or make it right?)

To say I am incredibly upset & disappointed in this company would be an understatement. I've contacted corporate and am awaiting a response.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $402.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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