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Today is Feb. 5th 20019 my wife took our 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad to Tire Discounters on Bardstown Rd. in Louisville Ky.

about an hour ago, she bought 4 new tires over $700 worth of tires.

She left out trying to get to work and didn't have the time to stay for the FREE wheel alignment.

She stopped to get gas while pumping the gas she noticed that the two rims on that side of the car were damaged. She went back to the tire store and made it known that this had happened.

Someone came out and took a look at the rims and told her that they did not do this, she must have did this while driving!

She called me and sent me pictures of the damage. She told the man " My husband takes very good care of this car and he washes and cleans it all the time and he would have noticed any obvious damage like this.

I look at the picture she sent and I noticed something,

1.The damage was fresh

2. The damage on each rim had the exact same groove pattern, if it were damaged while driving as Tire Discounters claimed, a moving car with that type of weight will literally bounce off of an obstacle and never have the exact same pattern of damage.

3. The damage on both rims is the same length, how do you have random damage WHILE DRIVING and have a the same pattern and the same length damage.

4. To make things worse, they realized they damaged the rims, and took the oil they use for mounting and some dirt and tried to make the damage look old, it just looks like a new gouge with some dirt.

I am called some legal counsel today, because it is mighty suspect that my wife and I never seen any damage to our vehicle , a vehicle that we keep very clean, and just so happen the day that she gets tires , the rims get damaged out of the clear blue.

Tire Discounters damaged out property and they are trying to hide it and they think denial is going to get them out of it, but not this time.

There are a million venues and channels to access, they will pay for my property.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: I want Tire Discounters to repair my rims.

Tire Discounters Cons: Damaged my rims while mounting my full set of new tires.

  • Damaged Property
  • Poor Dishonest Service
  • Will Not Be Accountable
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