740 W Central Ave, Springboro, OH 45066
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Worst workmanship I have ever had at the Springboro Ohio location, all four rooms were damaged in some fashion on my 2015 GMC sierra, this is the first time tires have been put on the truck therefore the damage was absolutely made from the tire change. The old valve stems were left The wheels were not balanced correctly with that being said almost positive there was no alignment

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We take great pride in our craft and strive to have all of our locations operating at a high level. Thanks for alerting us to your experience.

We make every effort to ensure that our services are above board and consistent. We apologize for the disconnect and would like to connect to learn more.

We are pulling up your paperwork, but if you could, please send your preferred contact information (including full name) to support@tirediscounters.com or tirediscounters.com/contact. We look forward to connecting you with a TD team member soon!


This is William Barton, I have yet to hear anything about the damaged rims on my 2015 GMC sierra. They were damaged at the Springboro store months ago. Customer service is a problem at the corporate level also My email lightningwrb@gmail.com

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